I am a native Hudson County, NJ Latinx painter who creates dreamy, biomorphic abstract landscapes. They are imaginative places where the natural world becomes a metaphor for sentiment and experience. In my abstract landscapes, I consider not just the physical environment, but also the interplay it may have with the psyche in an effort to express my own humanity and reflect upon contemporary concerns. My images are often sourced from intuition. Largely relying on memory and occasionally using my own sketches, I enjoy working with organic shapes to explore/deconstruct forms. Searching for balance between form and color is an endless quest. The organic/representational forms are intended to draw the viewer in to engage in visual play and completion of narrative through visual gestalt. Movement is often captured and frequently noted by others in my work which serves as a visual reflection of time, energy and experience. Color and material choices are selected to express emotionality accordingly and range from acrylics, oils, watercolor and other mixed media on paper or canvas. My work is inspired by my relationship to the natural world, spirituality, psychology and my Latinx identity.