Caridad Sierra Kennedy is a Latinx painter currently working in Hoboken, NJ. During her Fine Arts Studies (concentration in painting) at Rutgers Univ- Newark, NJ, she chose to study the work of the Modern Masters, Abstract Expressionism and Contemporary painting. She creates abstract and reimagined landscape paintings. They are often composite images in acrylic, watercolor/mixed media on paper/canvas which reflect interior and exterior landscape as a metaphor for personal expression informed by contemporary concerns. The images are sourced from intuition and memory of her experience with the natural world with regards to the intrapsychic connection. Formal investigations consist of the depiction of shape, color, light and spatial dimension. It becomes a visual quest for balance between these elements and the emotion evoked. She is inspired by her environment, spirituality, psychology and humanity. After her Fine Arts education, she pursued a MA degree in Art Therapy at NYU. Kennedy’s work has been featured in seven solo exhibits, numerous group exhibits in New Jersey, New York, DC and the online platforms of Saatchi and Artsy. Her work is in over three dozen private collections and two public collections nationally.